What Is Data Recovery?
The term ‘data recovery’ is a simple term to understand as it is what it sounds like. It involves recovering or salvaging data from a storage in cases where they cannot be accessed due to a variety of reasons such as being damaged or lost.

Data recovery can be done in most, if not all electronic devices such as a laptop or a desktop. However, a common question many may have is whether data recovery will be harder when being done on a laptop as compared to when being done on a desktop.

What Does Data Recovery Entail When Being Done On A Laptop Or A Desktop?
Whether data is being recovered from a laptop from a desktop doesn’t really matter in terms of procedure, what matters is the physical access to the storage device where the data is being recovered from. In most desktops, the storage device where the data is being recovered from is located inside the central processing unit or CPU box or casing. This is easily accessible as the back of the CPU box can be easily unscrewed to access the storage device

On the other hand, performing a laptop data recovery is made a tad bit more difficult by the location of the storage device which is the hard disk drive. Those who want to recover their data directly from the hard disk drive will, in most models of laptops, have to physically disassemble the laptop in order to retrieve the hard disk drive.

With regards to data recovery procedures, the procedures done to retrieve data from a laptop and a desktop don’t really differ that much, even when it comes to the tools or software which can be used to aid in data recovery. Such procedures mostly differ when it comes to how the data was lost as there will be different steps in order to address and recover data which was simply deleted, hidden, damaged or corrupted, or re-formatted.

Conclusion: Is Data Recovery Harder From A Laptop Than A Desktop?
To sum everything up, laptop data recovery is, in general, not any harder as compared to desktop data recovery due to most of the data recovery procedures being the same. The main difference with regards data recovery procedures between the two electronic devices is due to how the data is lost as there will be different steps with regards to recovering data which is corrupted or deleted.