Cosmetics for Animals

December 14, 2020 , Dogs Beauty Products

Cosmetics for animals is not regulated in the same way that cosmetics for humans are. This is because the difference between a substance that is used on an animal and one that is used on a human is that the substances that are used to make cosmetics for animals do not affect the animal in any way, shape or form, whereas substances such as nicotine and caffeine, which are used as stimulants are prohibited from use on animals. However, there are some manufacturers who have introduced preparations that are comprised of organic substances where they state that the animal will not be negatively affected in any way, shape or form whatsoever.

The regulation of cosmetics for animals has been divided into two main sections. One of these is that there are certain indications that cosmetics for use in the manufacture of cosmetics and skin care products are acceptable, whereas other indications that cosmetics for animals are not acceptable are also indicated. It should be remembered at all times that the indications only indicate that cosmetics for use in the manufacture of skin care products or cosmetics for animals are not acceptable, but this does not mean that the product is inherently dangerous for the animal. Such products may still be harmful to humans and therefore should be restricted where possible. The indications therefore only indicate that the cosmetic product will not be accepted by the animal, and this means that there need to be further tests carried out by qualified people in order to establish whether the contents of the cosmetic for the animal are safe to eat.

There are some animal pharmaceuticals that can be mixed with cosmetics and other pharmaceuticals to enhance their effectiveness and hence increase the cosmetic effectiveness. When this happens, it is then necessary to consider whether the mixing is likely to cause an adverse reaction in humans. A number of animal pharmaceuticals do not mix well with cosmetics and other pharmaceuticals. For this reason it is not unusual for pharmaceuticals to have to be prepared separately from the cosmetics.

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