Dog Food Labels – What’s in Your Dog Food?

April 22, 2021 , Pet Foods

Description: A pet food is pet food meant for pets to eat. Usually available in supermarkets and pet shops, it’s usually specific to the kind of animal, like cat food or dog food. Mostly, all meat used in domestic animals is a by-product of the commercial food industry, which is considered as “unnatural”. The same is true about other animal feeds.

Maintaining Natural Amounts: The main aim behind the manufacturing of pet foods is to maintain natural amounts of ingredients. It’s necessary to note that most kibble foods, whether canned dry, or fresh, contain just about the same ingredients. Even the preservatives are the same. What you need to be careful about is the moisture content.

Water content in general, the moisture content or “wateriness” of foods are determined by weight. This means that the heavier the food, the lesser the amount of water it contains. But since we can’t always pick a package and look at the contents, it’s best to check out the kibble containers. Some foods are manufactured with higher moisture contents, while still others have the opposite effect. For example, chicken kibble has a higher moisture content than beef kibble.

Artificial Flavors Manufacturers tend to use artificial flavors in their pet foods. While some people find it good to introduce artificial flavors gradually into their diets, others find that these artificial flavors can be harmful to our system. There are some dogs that develop renal failure because of too much artificial flavors in the food. In fact, there have been instances of canine diarrhea and death because of this. So if you’re planning to give your dog some kind of sweet treat, make sure that it contains only natural flavors.

Nutritional value with the increase in demand for more health-care options, pet foods also undergo a lot of changes. One of these is nutritional value. Pet foods nowadays are often sold based on their content of nutrients. The more nutritious the food is, the more expensive it will be. Most of the time, the nutritional content is listed on the back of the pet foods product.

Pet owners need to carefully read the ingredients labels to see which nutrients are present in the kibble they’re about to feed their dogs or cats. When in doubt, always get the kibble from a reputable manufacturer, one that can provide you with scientific information about the nutritional content of the food. With all this in mind, dog kibble manufacturers should be ready to respond with nutritional info to help pet owners feed their pets the right food.

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