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September 1, 2021 , Pet Foods

Pet foods are manufactured for consumption by domestic dogs, cats, birds, and other pets. Usually sold at pet shops and groceries, it’s generally specific to the kind of pet, like cat food or dog food. Nearly all meat used for domestic animals is by-products of the meat industry and isn’t considered “human grade” when manufactured for pets. Feeding ingredients vary greatly from pet to pet, so it’s important to know what to look for.

Pet foods that don’t have specific pet foods listed as ingredients may be a lack of quality, but can still be categorized as treats. Some examples of treats are pet foods that are made with fish oil, organic chicken or beef treats, and even baby foods (made with fish, chicken, or other ingredients). If these ingredients aren’t specifically for your pet, they’re treating.

Another problem with pet foods that aren’t specifically made for your pet may be chemicals. For example, many manufacturers use by-products, including ammonia or urea, which are harmful to dogs. Other ingredients, such as sodium Pentobarbital, are dangerous to humans. Manufacturers aren’t required to list the ingredients in pet foods, because they claim they don’t add any chemicals to the food. These claims are false, simply because chemicals like ammonia or pentobarbital can be absorbed through the skin. Because they get into the bloodstream instead of the skin, chemicals in pet foods can be potentially dangerous.

There are a few pet foods that are manufactured with good, healthy ingredients, but are filled with cheap fillers like sugar, starch, and grain. In fact, some manufacturers include ingredients like corn and wheat as ingredients used in making pet foods. Pet owners should be careful about buying “all natural” foods that say they are made with fresh chicken bones. The only thing natural about chicken bones is that they’ve been cooked.

The pet food recalls that have occurred over the years have caused a lot of media coverage about what is in those foods, but very little about what’s in the cheaper canned foods. A very large ingredient found in many pet foods, and in almost all dog foods, is ethoxyquin. This is an ingredient that has been banned in the United States and Canada. Unfortunately, the ingredient is found in many products for human consumption. Most consumers don’t know this because the US government classifies ethoxyquin as a food that has “flatulence generating properties”.

The best diet you can give your dog is a homemade diet. Homemade dog foods are generally more nutritious than their store bought counterparts, which are packed with chemicals, additives, and fillers. In addition, most homemade diets are free of toxins and are high in the vitamins, minerals, protein, and other nutrients your dog needs. So stop buying commercial pet foods and start providing your canine companion with a high quality homemade dry food. When you do so, you will be taking a great care of your dog’s health.

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