Natural Pet Foods Vs Traditional Pet Food

October 16, 2021 , Pet Care

Pet foods are specialized animal feed meant for pets to eat. Generally sold at pet shops and supermarkets, it’s typically specific to the kind of animal, like cat food or dog food. Most meat used in domestic animals is an by-product of the commercial food industry, and isn’t considered “real” food. In most cases, you can tell what is pet and what isn’t because they come in similar packages (the main ingredients will be different), and the color, taste, smell and texture of the product will also be similar.

There are two different types of people that buy pet food: those that do it for personal consumption, like myself; and those that make a living selling pet food, although this isn’t always the case. Pet food companies commonly contract with third-party companies that process the ingredients used in pet foods. These processing companies are well regulated, and they’re required to use only the best ingredients, to keep their products healthy and balanced. And even then, sometimes the finished product (the food) doesn’t meet the original specifications of the company that processed it. The result is that many pet food companies are now using “free range” or organic meat and grains instead of “premium” human food (also called “human grade”).

For me, making my own pet food was the best choice. With this method, you get to pick the ingredients myself; and since it’s very personal, I can guarantee that each batch of pet food will be better than the last. By making pet foods at home, you become intimately familiar with the nutritional content of your pet’s diet. This is actually more important than the actual quality of the food itself, because your pets must have a proper balance of nutrients if they want to live healthy and be happy. So don’t settle for low-grade pet foods anymore… Make your dog or cat’s meals with the holistic, natural approach!

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